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What to do 10 minutes before an interview to significantly boost your confidence

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Preparation is important in the days and weeks ahead of an interview, but how can you optimise those 10-15 minutes before it starts, to get your mind and body in the right place to optimise your impact, feel calm and become more centred so you can perform at your best.

  1. Before you enter the building - Greet and engage anyone you meet genuinely and warmly - remember your impact on all touchpoints of the business is important and cleaners, receptionists and security guards can all have an impact or make a brief comment that shapes the recruiting manager’s perception when you leave

2. Even though you’ve just arrived, plan your exit. Check how doors open and observe how people are leaving so you don’t fumble with doors / access passes on your way out of the building and get flustered.

3. As soon as you get there - Find the nearest toilet or private space and do a ‘power pose’ - hands in a V shape above your head, or on your hips or like a superhero for 2 minutes. These poses help us occupy more space, and therefore feel more powerful. Our physical state affects our psychological state and helps us approach the interview from a place of power. This has been scientifically proven to work so definitely try this one!!

4. Still in private - Close your eyes and imagine you have walked into the room calmly, smiling and being received warmly by the interviewer. Imagine they ask you the first question and you answer it well, with clarity and impact. Your brain can be tricked into experiencing this event as if it was actually real and so then it builds a blueprint for this outcome being more likely - it helps you feel calmer and more likely to succeed with a positive visual front of mind.

5. Go over three questions you will ask the interviewers to show engagement and balance the dynamic in the room:

One question you’d like to ask about the person interviewing you; ‘You mentioned you’ve worked here for 5 years, what’s kept you here?’.

One question about the company ‘I notice in the latest results it mentions expansion - how is that affecting the team?’

One question about the role itself ‘In the role description it talks about managing difficult teams, which I have lots of experience in - are there any particular specific areas of disagreement that happen most often?.

6. Take five deep breaths (count to 5 on the ‘in breath’ and 5 on the ‘out breath’). Concentrate on the temperature of air when you breathe in, and the temperature of air as you breathe out. Notice this temperature difference.

7. Lastly, look around (stand up and ideally walk around - taking up space helps improve your confidence levels). Look for any recent press clippings, articles or creatives from recent campaigns or initiatives that you can mention if relevant. Anything shown in reception is likely to be held up as a great success and associating yourself with these things is a subconscious positive link in their brains

These tips are based on Positive Intelligence grounding techniques, impact coaching and a summary of the best advice and techniques I have picked up over years of interviewing Marketing and Customer Experience professionals. Good luck!!

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