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What one question can you ask yourself to improve ANY situation?

We all get those days when we have inner self talk, we doubt ourselves and sometimes even start to believe the voices in our heads. I’d like to introduce you to a concept called ‘Positive Intelligence’ and something that challenged my thinking. A simple question to ask yourself that empowers you to take control of your inner ‘mean girl’

Let’s say you’ve missed the train to work - as a result you’ll be late for an interview. Immediately, you start to berate yourself ‘What a fool!’ ‘It’ll look so unprofessional to be late - I’ll probably not get the job now…. and my colleague will get it and be earning loads more money than me…. I really needed that job ….. I’ve always felt undervalued in this company. STOP.

It’s fine to feel a moment of frustration. But that’s it. Just a moment.

Ask yourself this

“What is the gift or opportunity in this situation?”

Bear with me.

Yes you will be late, but because you are on a later train, is there more physical space on the less crowded train for you to prep those final few questions and really gem-up on your company knowledge? Or, could you ring ahead to let the interviewer know, so they could avoid waiting for you and make use of the time, highlighting your considerate nature. Or might you suggest you condense the interview and follow up with a phone call the next day, therefore having two interactions and perhaps more opportunity to build rapport?

The answer could be a gift of Knowledge - it could be a gift of Power or it could be a gift of Inspiration. Then the trick is to turn this thought into action.

Positive Intelligence is a science based and validated approach to getting control of your mind and reactions to situations, events and people. It can be applied to any element of your life to enhance performance, success, happiness, relationships, parenting etc. It’s particularly effective for team dynamics and to improve workplace effectiveness.

I use a 6 week training course as part of my programmes for those struggling to control their emotional reactions and give themselves self-compassion in order to move forward with their goals and objectives and to just ‘be’ in a more content, less anxious way.

Next time you miss the train, try asking yourself that question!

To really get your mind working FOR you, not AGAINST you, book a call today

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