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An impactful group and 1:1 career coaching service for women to effectively navigate change and transition

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What you need to know

When you lose great talent you weaken your organisation through knowledge loss, operating inefficiency, loss of business continuity and reputational weakeness as well as significant recruitment costs and waste of management time.

We find that many businesses have a lack of understanding of the factors in, and effects of, losing key female talent


This virtual programme retains female talent in the business by facilitating effective navigation of transition moments and strengthens your talent pipeline.​

What's included in the annual plan:

Targeted Group Workshops

Three sessions on 'Preparing for your Maternity Leave adventure effectively'


Three supporting 'Returning with confidence and clarity'


Three masterclasses on 'Getting control of your overthinking and building a success mindset'


Two supporting managers with 'Effective Management conversations around life changes'

Regular Reviews

Monthly Impact Review meeting with People Team / ED&I to assess themes and feedback

Individual Coaching sessions

-1:1 Coaching sessions available for women to book for deeper conversations around mindset and optimising their performance


Use to support future talent effectively or open up to the whole female population in the organisation

The next step

Book a discovery call

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