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Interview and Career Confidence

6 month programme

What you need to know

Despite being brilliant at what you do, do you feel stuck? People say you're doing a great job, but the leadership opportunities don't seem to reflect that. You're frustrated by your earning potential and know you could do so much more but just lack the confidence (and time!) to really focus on doing something about it. There's so much else to manage and this just seems to fall to the bottom of the 'to-do' list, leaving you frustrated and feeling undervalued.

1:1 Programme 'Leadership Career Confidence' over 6 months:

  • Navigate your next move with confidence and self-awareness

  • Learn top interview and networking techniques and navigate the ups and downs of job hunting

  • Develop confidence in describing your value, story and impact

  • Learn how to answer interview questions effectively

  • Mock interviewer with a CX/Marketing background

  • Digital access to all 'Power of You' materials for 6 months

  • Six sessions of impactful 1:1 coaching over 6 months

  • Fortnightly check-ins and accountability


PLUS: Intensive, impactful Positive Intelligence app programme - a practical and science based approach to building a success mindset and quieten those inner voices of negativity.

  • Six week intensive brain retraining programme PLUS Continued access for the duration of the programme

Senior Quantity Surveyor

“I'm coming back from maternity leave with a renewed sense of what I'm worth and a clear idea of what next - I feel confident and like my CV finally reflects ME. Thank you so much!"

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