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Whatever programme you choose, you'll get an energetic, positive partner who'll challenge, support and facilitate clarity in your decision making and who's always 100% in your career corner.

Our support

Having worked with many mid-senior level women who are amazing at what they do but often don't see it; the support I offer is fundamentally about bringing out your brilliance so you can articulate yourself when it matters. Moments like interviews, networking or pitch meetings. I want you to believe you CAN nail that career move, navigating the process like a pro - with no overthinking or beating yourself up, - or take that big new role and be the leader you know is inside.

Together we'll get there. Yes there are tools, yes there's a structure but there's also lots of flexibility to focus specifically on what's getting in the way of YOUR career dreams.

Laura, Entrenpreneur

I found working with Gemma to be one of the best things I have done in a while. She helped me analyse things and allowed me to see them through a different lens. The sessions really gave me clarity and I felt like it was a 'spring clean' for the brain. I feel lighter now about the things that were getting me down and holding me back!

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