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Kick Start Coaching

8 week programme

What you need to know

Do you need a kick-start on your career? Maybe you're stuck in a rut work-wise and need some help to get you back on track. You're motivated but just can't seem to see the way forward.

  • Explore, clarify and articulate your unique impact

  • Understand what you actually want

  • Build confidence in having the conversations you need to

  • Be memorable and impactful at pitches, networking moments or interviews.

How does it work?

Two 1:1 sessions of coaching to support you whilst you follow an engaging personal brand course the 'Power of You' which will uncover your core values, find your unique skills, understand your current impact, your work purpose, craft your brand story and improve your networking approach!

Leave the programme inspired and confident to take your next step.

Pharmaceutical Manager and Future Business Owner

“Thank you so much. I don't know how you do it, but this was a total spring clean for the brain! Amazing"

The next step

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