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Career Confidence

Facilitating ambitious, professional women to navigate their 'career squiggles' with ease.

Flexible coaching and mentoring programmes entirely focused on developing confidence. The objective for every woman on these programmes is to 'feel' their unique brilliance and be able to articulate this value when it matters.

Through an expert, clear focus on:

YOUR WHY Purpose, skills and values

YOUR STORY Articulating your unique selling point & brand story

YOUR IMPACT Optimising your networking approach for maximum success​

YOUR MINDSET Effective, challenging sessions to unblock anything holding you back from where you want to be

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For Business

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Designed to support your female employees be their most productive and happy selves

Maternity Leave Coaching

  • Worried about loss of knowledge / churn post paternity leave?

  • Colleagues coming back to work after career breaks and struggling to retain them?

  • Wanting to take action on your gender pay gap?

Impactful, emotionally supportive bespoke programmes to build confidence, balance & clarity when returning to work.

Leadership I Career Progression

  • Frustrated that not enough women are applying for senior roles in your organisation?

  • Unable to attract the right female talent to your business?

Provide real clarity, confidence, motivation and empowerment so your female staff can take control of their career choices.

Redundancy I Interview Coaching​​

  • Planning a restructure and need outplacement support?

  • Want those 'at risk' to be in the best position to find new fulfilling roles which match their skills?

Personal, enlightening sessions from a qualified ICF coach focused on personal purpose, impact, values, skills, networking and LinkedIn profile and how to articulate themselves with maximum impact.

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For Individuals

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Career break Confidence Coaching

  • Struggling with a loss of identity having been off work for a career break?

  • Feeling anxious and lacking confidence?

  • Feeling pressured to be a certain 'way' when you return?

Having a baby is hard, both emotionally and physically, but impact on your confidence, identity and challenges balancing everything can be overwhelming coming back to work.

Programme duration: (flexible depending on you)

Coaching sessions throughout the journey, including a specific confidence programme on return to work focusing on identity, values, skills, confidence and impact.

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Coaching support starts from £150 / month - £2,400 for full package



Confidence I Leadership

  • Frustrated that impostor syndrome is holding you back in your business life?

  • Giving energy and passion to everyone else but upset that you've nothing left for yourself? 

  • Love to apply for more senior roles but just don't have the confidence?

Give yourself the time and space to explore issues to get real clarity on your goals, build your confidence, increase motivation which empowers you to take control of your career choices and reach your potential.

Programme length: 6 months+

Access to book weekly or fortnightly 60 min coaching sessions

£250 - £400 per month

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Interview I Career Confidence

  • ​​Been made redundant and finding the 'outplacement support' fairly generic?

  • Struggling to see how your strengths will apply in another company or industry?

  • Want to get the right role but feeling the pressure to just get a job secured?

Personal, enlightening sessions from a qualified ICF coach focused on personal purpose, impact, values, skills, networking and LinkedIn profile and how to articulate yourself with maximum impact at interview.

Select from Core, Boost or Excel Programmes


Build self confidence and tangible articulation of your purpose, strengths and impact in four structured 90 min sessions

2 months

£1,200 (Deposit £200)


Core PLUS a month of weekly 1:1 mindset coaching to explore and unblock what's holding you back

3 months

£1,800 (Deposit £400)


Core PLUS four months of fortnightly 1:1 mindset coaching

6 months

£2,400 (Deposit £600)

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Group programme also available.


I keep recommending your coaching sessions to friends, as they are a great way to find a new perspective on situations and it's refreshing how you allowed me to work them out myself.

The sessions were very relaxed, organic, and safe. I now have less imposter syndrome as a result of the work we’ve done and more confidence (and a new job!)

Noelle, Head of Marketing

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