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Personal Impact &

Career Coach for Women

We love helping women build boundless self-belief,

enabling them to navigate career transitions confidently -

they achieve more, progress their careers AND enjoy life.


Simply put... it's what we exist for.

  • 1:1 Leadership coaching

  • Personal Leadership Impact days

  • Employee Benefit coaching programmes

  • Webinars / Speaking

Let's discuss your ED&I / Wellbeing strategy gaps.


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For Business

Retain and inspire your female leadership talent


Designed to empower women in your organisation to explore coaching as a tool to their career success.

Do you want to explore ways to improve the impact of the women in your business or team, giving them a taste of impact coaching? 

This option can be used as part of team events or one-off support for larger diversity initiatives.

An opportunity for your team to experience professional coaching perhaps for the first time.

Managers can see the effect of great coaching, and women leave having explored, clarified and solved key career challenges

  • A day of one off 1:1 coaching sessions to support confidence, impact, career changes and leadership challenges

  • ICF qualified Integrative Career coach

  • Geographically flexible (virtual delivery)

  • Impact Review meeting included with People Team / ED&I


Designed to empower women in your organisation to return from career breaks with impact.

Are you concerned about retaining your best female talent? Want more women in your senior teams? Need to attract the best people? Reduce your 'post maternity leave churn' rates? 

This impactful, emotionally supportive package reduces female talent loss, builds impact and facilitates leadership development.

  • 1:1 programmes to facilitate confidence, impact, performance and effective transition through challenge and change

  • ICF qualified Integrative coach delivery

  • Geographically flexible (virtual delivery)

  • Scalable based on demand

Aligned to your People Strategy

(Individual returner programmes available)

6 month - ongoing packages available


Navigating career transitions I Mindset

Truly make an impact to the women in your organisation.

Elevate your ED&I strategy with ongoing, impactful 1:1 coaching / mentoring opportunities

  • Includes bespoke 1:1 coaching for

- Maternity return

- Career development

- Leadership challenges

  • Includes Positive Intelligence mindset tools &

personal brand courses as required

  • Delivered by an ICF qualified Integrative coach

  • Available to any mid/senior woman in your organisation

  • Direct, hassle free booking

  • Geographically flexible (virtual delivery)

  • PLUS Quarterly webinars on female career topics

Book a conversation today to discuss your team requirements together.

For Individuals

Whatever programme you choose, you'll get an energetic, positive partner who'll challenge, support and facilitate clarity in your decision making and who's always 100% in your career corner. 

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Impostor Syndrome I Self-belief

Do you have loud confidence gremlins? Or tend to believe your negative self talk and get in a spiral of unhelpful thoughts?

- Improve your career prospects

- Get out of your own way

- Stop the comparison with others

- Be more certain and less anxious

- Free up time and stop overthinking so you can

unleash the leader within you!

Young Businesspeople_edited.jpg
Female applicant in job interview


Interview I Career Confidence

Despite being amazing at what you do in the Customer focused world of Marketing / Customer Experience do you struggle with interviews? Are you passed over for promotions, frustrated by your earning potential and secretly (or not so secretly) know it's because you freak out at interview?!

1:1 Programme 'Power of You' over 6 months to:

- Navigate your next move with confidence and self-awareness

- Get rid of your interview nerves by controlling your mind and body

- Develop strategies for preparing effectively

- Learn top interview and networking techniques and navigate the ups and downs of job hunting

- Become an expert at describing your value, story and impact confidently

- Learn how to answer interview questions effectively

- Mock interviewer with a CX/Marketing background

I keep recommending your coaching sessions to friends, as they are a great way to find a new perspective on situations and it's refreshing how you allowed me to work them out myself.


The sessions were very relaxed, organic, and safe. I now have less imposter syndrome as a result of the work we’ve done and more confidence (and a new job!)

Noelle, Head of Marketing
(Coaching Programme)

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I love talking to people about their challenges and how I can help them 'be more brilliant'!

Thank you!

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